Via Verdi Culvert Collapse Emergency Response

Via Verdi Culvert Collapse Emergency Response

Project Details:

Emergency response for a sinkhole that collapsed unexpectedly at Via Verdi near El Portal Drive in Richmond, CA. The collapse occurred on a street that was the only access for a community of 85 single-family homes and several apartment buildings. This event was proclaimed by the City as a local state of emergency with implications to street infrastructure, accessibility, local utilities, San Pablo Creek, the

Some of the accomplishments of the emergency response project include the following:

  • Design and construction of one-lane bridge utilizing I-beams and steel plates. Completed within 72 hours of collapse, allowing residents to reoccupy their homes.
  • Stabilized the site within one-week time frame and established a dewatering and pumping system to draw down creek waters.
  • Two weeks to design a more robust temporary bypass road.
  • One month to build and construct the temporary bypass road and open to traffic.
  • Three weeks to design a temporary shored channel structure which could be built prior to the winter season.
  • In many cases construction crews worked seven 12-hourday weeks (occasionally 24-hour days with up to two shifts of workers).

The project was awarded the American Public Work Association’s “Emergency Construction of the Year”.