Cooley Landing Phase 1 and 2

Cooley Landing Phase 1 and 2

Project Details:

Cooley Landing is located on a peninsula projecting into San Francisco Bay between the Ravenswood Open Space Preserve to the north and the Baylands Nature Preserve to the south. From the 1930’s to the 1960’s this peninsula was the San Mateo County Dump; it was used as an incinerator to burn waste. Subsequently, until the 1990’s, the site was used by a boat repair facility which brought in tons of contaminated fill and construction debris to raise ground level. This was done at a time when there were few protections against this kind of disposal of hazardous waste. The project involved reconfiguring the toxic dump into a 9-acre waterfront park. The scope of work performed by O.C. Jones & Sons involved remediation of on-site contamination, providing public access improvements, installation of utilities and recreational features, and collaboration with multiple resource agencies.

The protected wetlands and marshland that surround Cooley Landing are recognized habitat of the California Clapper Rail and the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, both of which are listed as federal and state endangered species and required monitoring during construction.

Phase I of the project included remediation of the existing soils at the property, that were contaminated with heavy metals and PCBs. O.C. Jones crews under these contracts installed site roadways with public parking along with a trail system around the property with community space set aside to offer Bay views.

Phase II of the project included access roads and planting.

Future phases of the park’s development include construction of an outdoor classroom and a nature education facility.

This project was awarded the American Society of Civil Engineers’ “Environmental Restoration Project of the Year”